About our


Our branding name evolved to FOX VISUAL COLLECTORS.

Our brand has grown so much that - While aspects of our brand and website were more cohesive - It evolved and/or changed, and it was time for us to take some actions regarding our branding name. We kept our mascot, the Fox, maintaining some continuity with our existing brand while also signaling a new direction.

In a spiritual animal world, and after visiting the famous Fushimi Inari shrine in Japan, the fox is a magical animal who uses intelligence to solve problems and find solutions for the most difficult situations, by looking in different or unconventional angles. It is also known to be playful, protective, and bring good luck.

As the people behind the cameras, we also like to capture the best memories, in any type of visual form - Visual - and being collectors of visual moments, we want to capture memories that will be treasured for a lifetime - Collectors.


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