"We are in awe. You captured us so beautifully! I remember after our first video chat, we were both sooooo excited for this shoot and I knew from then you understood exactly what we wanted. Even on the day of the shoot, you both made us feel so comfortable by playing our favourite songs! § Ah it was such an experience. You both are so skilled, I cannot wait to see all of the things accomplished together!!!!

Thank you so so much!! Really hope we get to visit Portugal again and do another shoot. Please let us know if you are ever in Canada!!!"




Stunning professionalism! We had an absolutely wonderful shoot with this team. Friendly, thoughtful and with a completely unique style. If you want something gorgeous and truly original, I highly recommend.

F + H


"This was one of the best days in our lives, and Fox Visual Collectors making everything so smooth and easy became a piece of that. The result of the Photo shoot look so professional. Huge thanks. We felt so comfortable with you, we truly couldn't be happier."

C + S


“Thanks for the great photos, we are happy and satisfied. You are a professional photographer who understands our needs, and we are very comfortable with that. At first we thought we are not photogenic and we’re a bit worried about how we do in such a photo session. But Marianna handled it very very well and made us feel comfortable at any time, you complete our story through this photo. In the world of photography especially wedding photos what matters is how it looks as natural as possible, and you always get over it and we are happy. Best of luck to you and your business in the future, very recommended!! We looking forward you come to Bali.”

P + P


“You just captured so many wonderful moments. We are so incredibly happy that we chose you to photograph our big day! You are so talented, creative and have such wonderful personalities. We would highly recommend you at any time. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING.”

L + M


“They don’t only capture the moment, they make it unforgettable, truly a great experience with great professionals, and great people, from the sympathy to the professionalism 10/10!”

V + X


“We got married secretly in Aero Island a few weeks ago and chose Mariana and Mads to keep souvenirs of this magic moment. Not only the pictures are wonderful but it was also so nice to feel we were just two of us even with Mariana and Mads next to us. The pictures are what we are, with an artistic but authentic eye. Thank you again. Hope you the best success and to meet again … in Paris!”

L + P


“They don’t only capture the moment, they make it unforgettable, truly a great experience with great professionals, and great people, from the sympathy to the professionalism 10/10!”

M + E


“It was our first professional photo shoot with my fiancé and they exceeded our expectations in so many ways.
We are not so confident in front of a camera but they made us feel so good and comfortable.
I would recommend them without any doubt for a great moment and beautiful memories.”

M + B


“Flying from the US to get married on Aero, a tiny island in Denmark, is no small task. You can imagine…airports, trains, ferries, how to find flowers, etc. From an administrative viewpoint Both Mariana and Mads went way over the top in helping us make this trip happen with their ideas and support.

And then there was the photography. Oh my, it totally exceeded our expectations. Her style is just what we hoped for, so look at their website and you’ll see the extraordinary work she does.

She is organised but it doesn’t effect her creativity, and she encouraged us the whole way to be ourselves, to let go and enjoy the process!

I’m so glad to write a review and five star recommendation for them.”

M + G


“We recently had a wedding photo shoot in Denmark with Fox Visual Collectors. Fantastic experience, both Mariana and Mads were very professional and clearly passionate about photography. The final photos that we received were truly excellent and a great reminder of our special day on the beautiful island of Aeroe.

We would strongly recommend Fox Visual Collectors and wish them all the best of luck for the future. Thanks again for the special memories.”

J + S


“Highly recommended. Very responsive, helpful and professional while planning and executing last minute photo shoot.”

L + D


“On the day of our wedding, (…) I was so impressed by how well-planned our shoot was - it was obvious they really took the time beforehand to find the most beautiful locations around the town and plan out the kinds of poses and shots they wanted to take. It showed us that they are truly passionate about their art. They were also very amenable to our needs as well and making sure we were comfortable.
We received the pictures a few days after the shoot which was a really nice surprise as we weren't expecting them so quickly! They really did a fantastic job at capturing a soft, romantic aesthetic. As someone who doesn't usually enjoy being photographed, I would highly recommend Fox Visual Collectors for a 10/10 experience. We are so incredibly happy with how the photographs turned out!”

H + V


“I would like to thank you for a wonderful experience I had yesterday. You photographed my husband and me, in so many wonderful, fun and exciting angles and ways. You did it in a very pleasant way, that I would like to recommend you to others. Thank you for a good experience.”



“My family had a wonderful photo shooting experience with Mariana and Mads. They are both professional and have great empassion with clients. In my opinion, it is easy to find photographers with excellent shooting skills, what makes a photographer outstanding is his/her perspicacity. Mariana and Mads are absolutely able to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of their clients. They captured monumental moments in our family, which is precious and unforgettable.”



"My photoshoot with Mariana was the first time I tried to have my picture professionally taken. She was really good at creating a welcoming environment where I felt comfortable as soon as I stepped in the door. She was very aware of making sure that our expectations for this collaboration matched, so we both felt excited for the work.

The results were really good and Mariana has a special gift for catching a vibe on a photo and her editing really made the photos aesthetic and beautiful!

I fully recommend Mariana for anyone who wants professional photos while having a good time!"



"The experience was one of the best I have ever had! I remember that we crossed paths through social media (who doesn't these days?) and we arranged a session.

It was difficult, my schedules weren't cooperating but I finally managed to find some time before Mariana ran away to another part of the world and I'm glad I did.

Everything was very natural with music put on by her, she made me feel very comfortable and helped me a lot, "do more like this, go there, beautiful, change, relax your mouth, another outfit".

The result was the one I liked the most! Thank you Mariana for seeing something in me."



“Mads has provided professional product photos and video clips of the Tesla Model Y for our introduction in Denmark.

Throughout the process, Mads has been a pleasure to work with. Good communication from pre-production and idea development to the final end result.

The images have been used internally and on Tesla's official LinkedIn profile, but have also been published in media such as JyllandsPosten,, and

I am very pleased with the product Mads has delivered, and would definitely recommend him to others, and even use him again.”

R + B

I met Mariana a few years back, and was a big fan of her work already, so she was actually the first person that came to mind when considering a photographer. We couldn't have made a better choice. Everything went super smoothly from the beginning, and on our special day, everything just felt right. We had fun, we laughed , and we were always super comfortable with everything.

Mariana was always considerate and respectful of our wishes, and at the same time, she dared us to push our limits, and in the end turned out absolutely brilliant (I mean, just look at the pictures, they are awesome!).

Thank you so much Mariana, for everything!"



"With Mariana, we set out on an adventure of internal discovery.

It is not just a photo shoot, but we allow ourselves a new story, our own story. Shared, captured, and retold through the sensitivity we recognize in great artists. To Mariana."



"From the first contact, I realised how Mariana is an expert in her work.

At an artistic level, I didn't have any doubts about her work that I had the pleasure of knowing before. Having the privilege of being part of her art collection was a real pleasure.

Always in search of applying her creativity, Mariana told me previously the ideas for this photo shoot. I love challenges and I immediately accepted. It was a fun, stimulating, yet intense session. It requires concentration and searching for ourselves when trying to portray what Mariana has in mind.

A true storyteller and a transmitter of feelings, it led me to look for that energy as well. Undoubtedly a very well spent moment with an artist, in addition to being professional, fun and very friendly.

A moment to remember, for having the privilege of creating together with this artist."



"When I photographed with Mariana, I only had a few months of agency in fashion and I was quite surprised at how fluid our session was. From the moment she picked me up, I felt super comfortable and we talked about several subjects, not only related to photography but among other things, besides being an excellent and creative photographer, she has also a very open and intelligent mind, so it was easy to relate to her.

I really admire her professionalism, and all layers of work made me feel comfortable, as well as the direction of poses, choice of scenarios, and finished clothes in the edition were great.

The end result wasn't surprising because when I saw how the pictures were in the camera, I already knew something magical would come out of there.

After my photo session, I continue to follow her work and it is very satisfying to see her evolution and effort. What I like most in her work is the choice of color composition, everything seems very carefully chosen and the result is always good."