It is never too late to find love

I (Mariana) remember every couple that crosses my path, and this one was no exception: I remember having the virtual meeting while M+B were taking a walk in the streets of Copenhagen after leaving their home - USA - for a short period of time and trying to recover from a jet lag. We talked, planned, and talked more, and I was ending the meeting when Melissa asked if I knew any florist and hairstylist to help her in the special day. After giving some options and none of them worked, I could not leave the bride in tears and desperate to find someone, so I decided to buy her bouquet myself and deliver in the hotel during her preparations.

På Torvet Hotel is located in Aerøskøbing, and where the couple stayed to celebrate their wedding. It is another building mixed with other colourful and unique ones, and inside the hotel is this beautiful and enchanting decor well preserved from the 18th century.

My work started from the preparations while the bride was crying of joy and the groom was sharing with me his outfit and other details and stories, to the ceremony and then taking a small adventure with no destination. Nearly defining the concept of "Hygge" themselves, we finished this day in the beach. Even though there was an immense number of tourists - After living a year in Denmark, I understand the happiness when Danes see a glint of sun - we didn't feel distracted by them. On the contrary, my couple felt younger than ever, and between kisses and hugs in public, I could manage to capture those moments that will last for a lifetime.



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