L + M // Beautiful Late Summer Wedding In Gammel Vraa Slotshotel, Denmark

This wedding had everything to go wrong... But luckily the day turned out in our favor. Life is made of improvisations, and this was the perfect case. Not only did we have a calmer bride, but the sky opened up after a torrential rain and everything started to work as expected.

A special thank you for the couple and for the venue team, it was a pleasure to work with one of the best teams.

Summer all over
Blame it on timing
Weakening August water
Loose-eyed in morning
Sunlight covered over
Wading in sight of fire

And we're finally aligning
More than maybe I can choose

Soon as I knew you
All so wide open
Wading inside of fire
As if I just saw you
Cross Second Avenue
Wading in waist-high water

And I love you so violent
More than maybe I can do

Now we're finally aligning
More than maybe I can choose



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