Top 30 Rangefinder Rising Stars of Wedding Photography


We are delighted to announce that we have been nominated and selected to be part of the Top 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography competition by Rangefinder Magazine.

A few months ago, we received an email from the American Magazine, which honors its annual '30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography'.

A place on the RF30 list has gained the reputation of being the so-called - Oscars of Wedding Photography - a non-paid, non-visual cliché and probably the most honest competition in the international wedding photography industry.

Only 30 individuals are chosen each year from around the world. Many of the photographers we follow and admire are previous nominees - Fer Juaristi, Joel and Justyna, or The Kitcheners, for example.

That's quite a bit of pressure, isn't it?

We will be honest with you: while Mariana already had experience, it was only with portraits. Our journey in weddings only started in 2022, and we never imagined that in such a short time (and with hard work!), we would have the opportunity to participate in a competition like this.

To us, being nominated as one of the best wedding photographers is akin to reaching the Champions League final. We are proud to have come so far, even though we didn't bring home the trophy.

That said, we remain determined to improve ourselves in every way possible. We want to continue to be creative, enhance our editing skills, and learn something new every day. We believe that it is through these experiences that we can grow and become better professionals.

We believe that everything happens for a reason. Photography unexpectedly entered my (Mariana) life when I needed a means of self-expression, transforming it into a visual diary for myself and its audience. Mads, on the other hand, developed a passion for photography as a way to add a new narrative to his personal story and to find himself again. It was through photography that our paths crossed when Mariana's portrait work was published in FujixPassion magazine.

Photography holds immense significance for us, as it is what brings us together. Without it, it would have been impossible for Mads and I to meet, given the 3000 km that separated us.

Thank you for all of our couples

We are extremely grateful to all of the couples who trusted us to capture their special moments without limitations. It has been an incredible honor to be a part of your love stories.

A special thank you to my partner Mads

Because you always believed in me, in my dreams, and that some one them turned into ours - Fox Visual Collectors.

Thank you Mads, my best friend, my boyfriend, my lover, for all your unconditional support.

Thank you to all of our supporters

Just like in our personal lives, we immersed ourselves fully in the world of weddings. The journey has been long, but there are no words to express our gratitude towards those who have supported us and witnessed our growth since 2022.

As Fer Juaristi once said "Look for inspiration outside the wedding industry. Don’t become a mix of the top ten trends; become a mix of your visual heroes and honor them."

Last but not least, we want to congratulate in advance the 30 winners of the Rangefinder Rising Stars Award!


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