Athenaa + Lathu // Engagement Session In The Coastal City Of Lagos, Algarve In Portugal

I use music as my primary source of inspiration to get to know the couples and write about them as individuals, as a couple, and their experiences.

I vividly recall when Athenaa and Lathu discovered our work while Mads and I were still in Denmark. They decided to travel from Canada to Portugal, marking their first European vacation together and wanted us to be part of their unique adventure and capture their engagement session.

This lovely couple is the definition of friendly and easy-going, just like the tunes of Frank Ocean or Palace. They were so open to our ideas during the photo session and we had such a great time chatting with them, that everything felt easy. In just half an hour, they were amazed at how effortless the whole experience was. We wanted them to feel completely at ease and forget they were being photographed. We simply encouraged them to be themselves, follow our lead, and most importantly, enjoy the moment.

I confess that I was also influenced by their good energy. Being a more introverted person, I felt light from the beginning. And the best part was photographing the intimacy they showed in front of our cameras. Their love for each other was obvious: Passionate, intimate and raw.

It was worth waking up at 4 AM, receive a big "Happy birthday" from them and to capture a beautiful sunrise after the rain stopped and have a secluded beach to ourselves, especially in one of the most popular tourist spots in the Algarve. Call it being lucky, I guess.

To Athenaa and Lathu, thank you for everything, for sharing your life, your experiences, for this new friendship and who knows if we don't see each other in Canada.





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