N + D // That’s what the essence of love is

It was June when we were contacted by the groom to make a surprise for his bride: to offer an engagement session since she had seen our work on Instagram and how much she loved our art.

"I personally don't know much about such things, but I'd love to surprise her with this." I love to know that men also pay attention to each woman's likes and that they invest time-making surprises like these. For us, it is an honor, a privilege to be part of something intangible and so beautiful to capture for future generations for the rest of your life.

We scheduled a virtual meeting to surprise the bride, and her reaction will be etched in our memory forever: at first, she was a bit flustered and didn't recognize us, but when the groom announced that we were the photographers she admired so much and that we would capture all the moments of their love story, she screamed of happiness, surprise and put her hands on her mouth not knowing what to say.

I must say that it was a meeting full of love, friendship, and tenderness between the two, sharing more intimate things, and that we love when couples do that with us. It's the best way for us to get to know you and capture your story in the best possible way. Showing yourselves vulnerable with us is always a plus, never a weakness.

It was a pleasure to meet this couple in person, for being willing and open to doing everything we told them to do, and for sharing their vows with us, something as intimate as the love that unites them.





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