Ah, this photo session... I remember it being risky, out of our comfort zone but in the end, it paid off a lot!

Lost among the greenery of the Sintra Natural Park, this secret spot has an extensive land that includes a gem in decay: a Disney palace. What was once a father's luxury for a daughter is now a story of court cases, debts that drag on for years, and a place where the passage of time simultaneously brings decay (and an aura of mystery).

Throughout this adventure, we almost got the car stuck in the middle of the bush, we found other people who we thought would be security guards or even the owner and my model even danced 10 meters from the ground.

Do I like working with risk factors? Certainly. I'm that kind of adventurous photographer and when I take actions and start photographing, I forget who's around me.

We haven't regretted since doing this photo shoot!

To my client: Thanks for the boldness and confidence in this whole process.



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