Mariana Van Zeller


This was one of the highest moments in 2021!

Sometimes I don't recognise how much I conquered until things are done.

I remember having a normal day back then in Portugal and I decided to DM Mariana Van Zeller since I loved her boldness, hard work and personality when I first saw her in her TV show in National Geographic. What I wasn't expecting was to receive a return message after 30 minutes! After that, I started to plan locations and a proper time to photograph her, since she was going to take vacations in Portugal.

Unfortunately things didn't go as I wanted and the location was changed to one of her places. At that time I remember saying to Mads that I was going to quite this photoshoot because I sticked to my mind about the first place I wanted to photograph (Yes, looking back it seemed an excuse to get ride of it - Self-sabotage or maybe I was too damn scared to fail her and myself).

Mads called me right away and supported me to embrace that unique and rare experience that a famous person was giving me for free!

Location sent in a secret place, and here I went! I was extremely nervous until I arrived to her vacations' house, alongside her family - And I mean, husband and son, sisters, parents, uncles and aunts. And everything started to smooth away from my frenetic brain - I was warmly welcomed by them and felt comfortable to be myself.

Mariana V. Z. just said "I am ready for you, just let me know what to do and I will follow your instructions".

In the end of this amazing photoshoot, we also had the chance to share stories and experiences. Regarding her family, they have a tradition to do a 2 persons' cooking competition every night, nobody knows who cooked what and then the dish goes to vote. I was invited but I respectfully preferred to leave them to enjoy together as a family.

The last words from Mariana V. Z. after I did this photoshoot were "I loved to know you. A big kiss and keep going with your journey. You have a lot of talent and you deserve much more."

Thank you so much Mariana.



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