Portrait photo session for LoveBirds

It is always good when you're chosen to do what you know best and that your work is monetarily recognised.

Artists, art and money – also read power – have a paradoxical and passive-aggressive relationship. Today, there are still, among them, a series of ethical and moral dilemmas, which arise for several reasons: the almost sacred aura that is given to the act of artistic creation and that can be corrupted by money and the market; because of the fact that art is often in a position of counter-power; for questions of freedom and creative puritanism that many consider necessary in artists; and even because most artists don't like commissions, nor seeing their works bought by private individuals, but at the same time, they need them to survive.

Furthermore, art is a product, but it is not a product like others, which raises some questions. Having said that, although it is certain that art would still exist without money, we cannot deny that this has always been – since they coexist – on a par with money.



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