To Emma, our dearest danish dreamer // Portrait Photoshoot in Denmark

I contacted Emma because I missed doing this kind of work - The Portraits.

Having spent almost 2 years living in Denmark made me think how much I took for granted the weather, people, and the place that my home country - Portugal - gave me and that I did not value so much. We only value it when we stop having it, don't we? And as much as the Portuguese people speak loud and clear, I miss that chaos, the openness of the people, and the warm sunlight that my country gave me - an average of 300 days of sun during a year, they say.

And for that very reason, I had to bring Portugal to Denmark. Mohammed goes to the mountain if the mountain does not go to Mohammed - The old saying goes.

For months we talked together about this photo shoot, at that time Emma was in the US and I was in Japan, with a Danish and Portuguese soul, respectively, and we prayed that this photo shoot would happen in Denmark when you woke up with sunlight knocking on the door from 4 AM to 10 PM, after months of harsh winter weather.

As a team, I wanted Mads to experience this type of work as well, where you need to gain sensitivity and observe how I photograph and direct the models, especially female models. It takes trust, professionalism, and sensitivity, knowing how to divide what is personal and professional well, and I feel that over time our love and professional relationship has worked out quite well over time.

In the week of this photo session, the weather was very unstable, but by some divine soul, we were lucky enough to catch a wonderful sunset and enjoy this photo shoot together.

To Emma, thank you so much for trusting us and being an open book, with all that courage and determination to live life as it is. Between shared conversations and experiences, life, and destiny have their funny things, and let's see if our future crosses again.




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